Laptop Repairs

Laptop Repairs

Laptops are a wonderful convenience but with all those parts crammed into one place they can experience more problems than a typical desktop might. These problems can vary and the list can be extensive but some of the most common problems include but are not limited to:

Overheating (If your laptop doesn’t have very high powered fans or f you use a laptop on a cushion or surface that cover the fan this can cause the laptop to overheat and potentially damage it.)

Low memory (laptops tend to have less memory than desktops and this can slow them down)

Low hard drive space (laptops again tend to have less hard drive space than desktops this can also slow them down, especially if hard drive is full)

Damaged trackpad (mouse not working)

Missing keys / damaged keyboard

Smashed Screen

Screen not lighting up



PCGuys offer services for all these problems and many more, from maintenance to repairs to upgrades. We have you covered so you can be confident if you come to up with a laptop that’d broken or not running properly we can help fix it.

So, whether your laptop just a bit old now or your worried it has a virus, or even if you accidently spilt a drink on it. You can call us and we can get you up and running again.

We currently offer Laptop repairs via collection to: Borehamwood, Barnet, Edgeware, Watford, Elstree, Shenley, Radlett, London Colney, Aldenham, Saint Albans and Potters bar.

Not in those areas? Don’t worry! That’s just our collection range, you can still ship or bring the machine to us from anywhere in England. Continue to browse our site for more on our range of service or Call us on 07572 013 942 to book in your machine or to get a quote! 

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