Apple Mac Repair

Apple Mac Repair

Apple MAC Repairs

While it is true that MACs rarely get viruses, they can experience a whole host of other problems. Here at PCGuys we have experience with everything from MAC OS 6.0 to current (that's every MAC OS since 1988!) 

We train our staff in every OS since 6.0 because as operating systems evolve so do the problems, by having our staff trained in the installation and troubleshooting of earlier MAC Operating Systems as well as current ones, they learn how to resolve the common issues and get to see how the issues have evolved. This allows our staff to be not only be trained for problems that are already known but also allows them to become adaptive. This means they can quickly and efficiently identify issues that we have not seen before and most importantly understand how to repair them. Saving you wasting time waiting for the issues to be identified before it they can be fixed. 

We can help you with all the common problems such as:

  • Persistent Beach ball (the spiny ball of death)
  • Lost Files
  • Slow application switching
  • Slow browsing with safari
  • MAC not booting
  • MAC Booting then crashing
  • Kernel Panics
  • Applications Misbehaving
  • CD Tray errors
  • Full Disks and Hard Disk Upgrades
  • CD Drive not reading
  • Lost Passwords (local not icloud)
  • No Audio
  • Water damage
  • Smashed Screens and more
  • Malware

Want to breathe new life into your MAC? We can help with that. We happily to offer MAC upgrades. These range from Hard Drive storage to Memory Upgrades. We also do MAC OS reinstalls; with the added bonus of creating recovery partitions on your drive. Essentially what this means is that if you ever need to reinstall again, all you have to do is select the recovery partition on the boot screen. Then you’re ready to go again. We scan and repair system optimisations to provide you with the fresh mac feeling.

We currently offer collection for MAC repairs from: Borehamwood, Barnet, Edgeware, Watford, Elstree, Shenley, Radlett, London Colney, Aldenham, Saint Albans and Potters bar.

Not in those areas? 

Don’t worry that’s just areas covered for collection, you can still ship or drop you’re machine off with us from anywhere in England. Find out more by Calling us TODAY on 07572 013 942. You can book in your machine or just get more information. Alternatively feel free to continuing browses out website for more information. 

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