Website Design

Website Design

Since we first started we have built hundreds of websites for a variety of services and purposes, from knowledgebases, to service providers, to online shops. We have made and designed a wide range of website. Some were completely custom coded, others modified opensource PHP scripts, some WordPress sites, Joomla and pure HTML and PHP. We like to keep our skills up to date and be able to offer something that uniquely creative with you website needs in mind. 

As an ISP (Internet Service Provider) we also have our own little corner of the web that consists of our hosting data centers. Our PCGuys premium datacentre in the UK based and we offer hosting packages from as little as £5 a year, ranging up to £80 a year. We also offer our free hosting in the form of our Y2Z data center in the United States. Being able to offer you low cost hosting is another wonderful way to keep your website costs down.

PCGuys has experience working with over 50 separate CMS systems and can not only help build your site but can help you understand how to keep it updated.

Website Design starts from as little as £50.00!

(for a standard template, the prices increase the more highly complex systems are involved.)

If you have a hosting or web design query call today on 07572-013-942

We can offer you a custom web design quote and development plan, so why not give us a call?

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