Virus Removal

Virus Removal

Back in 2012 Norton anti-virus definition file contained 17,595,922 separate detection variations, let that number sink, and then also remember that it has continued to grow, daily. It’s worth noting your PC isn't at risk from these millions of potential threats, some viruses do not show any symptoms, others are just carriers and some are variations of the same etc. But there is still many threats to lots machines.

Most of these can be broken down into the following categories:

Viruses – Generally system hungry and often try to bring your pc into a zombie network

Rootkits -  Allow people to control your pc in one way or another

Malware – Generally are just harmful to the PC

Adware – Shows you ads in your system tray or on your desktop

Ransomware – Encrypts all your files and forces you to pay to get them back

Spyware – watches what you do and steals your data

Most of the time all you will ever notice is your computer being slow or the system becoming unstable e.g. programs crashing or glitching, Here at PCGuys we scan for and fix all of these potential problems as well as repairing any damage done to your operating system. We also put in place ways of protecting you PC against future threats.

Most commercial anti-virus applications simply cannot keep up with all the new viruses that come out. Like technology viruses are always evolving and developing which is why keeping you PC protected is important. But if you are asking yourself, how can I have a virus when I have antivirus software? The answer is because a virus has to infect things before immunity is created, just like how a vaccine works, and if the virus does enough damage to your anti-virus app before it can detect it you could be letting anything gain access to your computer.

The PCGuys Virus Repair Services includes scanning your system with multiple commercial and domestic anti-virus and anti-malware apps before repairing any system damage done to your operating system and immunising your PC against all known threats.

The best part? We do all this for only £50!

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