Data Recovery

Data Recovery

There are hundreds of places to store your and save files these days but lots of us still like simply storing them on our computers and try as we might to keep updated backups things don’t always go to plan. So, it’s easy for anybody to lose files. It could be that a drive failed, someone accidental deleted your lasts project or reformatting without current back up, no matter how it happened PCGuys may be able to assist you. We have successfully recovered, to date, a large amount of drives on Apple Mac and Windows PC and Laptops.

Our data recovery services are not simply limited to lost or deleted files. We also offer additional services like drive cloning, which allows you to seamlessly upgrade to a larger drive or to simply have a complete backup. Drive cloning does pretty much what it says, your drive is cloned onto an additional or upgraded drive so all you file and information remain intact.

PCGuys offers Data Recovery Service for lost files for £89.00

A Drive or Disc Cloning Services starts from £50.00 a drive.

For more information, feel free to continue to browse our site or if you prefer call us today on 07572-013-942

We happy to talk you through our service and find an option that suits your needs and we always upfront with any costs involved. 

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