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Keeping your business systems running efficiently is an absolute must. Here at PCGuys we know just how vital it is to keep your computer network updated and tuning smoothly. Looking after your office can be simple matter of repairing things when they go wrong or running regular maintenance, but this can also be time consuming and expensive if you’re not sure how to fix things. That’s were PCGuys come in; we offer a reliable and affordable solution.  We understand that regular maintenance can be the life line of your office needed to keep everything running smoothly. 

So, whatever sort of service you prefer we can help. PCGuys offer both an ad-hock services, so call simply when you need us, or if you’d like something more regular set up a running arrangement where we update, check and MOT your computer or computer suit and regular interface (normally every 3 months or 6 months).

For example: Every 3 months we can set up a PC MOT on all your office computers, better yet we offer a bulk discount on multiple machines. So, say you book 5 PCs it would be £30 a machine per MOT (that’s just £150 for an office full of machines).

So, what does our PC MOT Include? Check out the following:

o Scan your machine for viruses

o Scan for root kits

o Scan for Malware

o Clean temporary drive junk

o Scan and repair windows system files

o Scan and repair the Hard Drives

o Defrag the systems

o Run PC Benchmarks

o Give you a rundown of all the potential issue that may occur in the future.

We also can offer you a lot more than just maintenance, we have wide variety of services on offer and are well establish with experienced staff in a whole host of skills. Some other service we offer are: installing servers, infrastructures set up for new office based machines, printers and copiers, generalised computer and phone repairs and we also offer a range of hosting, internet and webs packaging for online business.

Call today for more information on: 07572-013-942

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